Product Classification


OEM and Custom Flavours

In an effort to provide our customers with the ability to differentiate their product in an already crowded market, we offer our OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and custom flavour service. We can produce your brand’s packaging and ship you a complete product, ready for retail. Some of our products pair well with delicious flavours, such as our caramel sea salt flavoured coconut chips. Please contact us for more info on these services.


Product Composition


Final moisture content: 15% max

Normal sugar: 72-78%

Low sugar: 65-72%

No sugar

Normal SO2: 300 ppm max

Low S02: 100 or 20 ppm max

No SO2: max (10ppm)


Packing Information


5 kg x 4 bags/carton

20 kgs/carton

21 kgs/carton

800-850 cartons/container (20ft)

*Retail Packaging can be performed upon request


Net Weight
Gross Weight

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