Quality Assurance

Our internationally accredited facility has been certified by various organisations to give our customers the assurance that all of our products are produced in line with international best-practice methods. Our goal is to produce all of our products to the best of our ability, ensuring customer satisfaction and retention.

Controllable Drying Process 

Our fully controllable drying process allows us to carefully maintain correct humidity levels at all times. Using this drying process enables us to remove a greater percentage of the water content from our fresh fruit, resulting in our products having a longer shelf-life.

Packing and Shipping

Once your product has been produced, it is carefully sealed in an airtight package, arriving at its destination as fresh and flavoursome as possible. We are in close proximity to the port of Bangkok, ensuring your product remains in transit for as short a time as possible.

Thenza Export - Dried Fruit Supplier

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